Urban Sounds of Africa at the Jazzcampus

Jazzcampus | Utengasse 15, 4058 Basel

Saturday 1 July 2017 | 20:00 | 21:30 | 23:00

“Urban Sounds of Africa at the Jazzcampus” is organised by Centre for African Studies Basel for the 7th European Conference on African Studies.

20:00 Yannick Nkoy

Nowhere beyond Latin America has Rumba had as strong an impact as in the Democratic Republic of Congo where it has developed into a major export. Yannick Nkoy and his band make the club swing to compositions of Tabu Ley, Franco and Papa Wemba.

21:30 Blue Notes Tribute

In 1964, the South African pianist, composer and arranger Chris McGregor and his band, The Blue Notes took Switzerland by storm before continuing on to London, where they morphed into The Brotherhood of Breath. Trumpeter Marcus Wyatt, together with a distinguished South African-Swiss septet, honours the great music of Chris McGregor, Mongezi Feza, Dudu Pukwana, Nikele Moyake, Johnny Dyani, und Louis Moholo with this tribute band.

Domenic Landolf: tenor sax
Donat Fisch: alto sax
Marcus Wyatt: trumpet and flugel
Siyasanga Charles: trombone
Andile Yenana: piano
Fabian Gisler: acoustic bass
Dominic Egli: drums

23:00 Motherland Soundsystem: Tour d’Afrique

Motherland Soundsystem takes you on a tour to Africa’s hottest musical destinations, mixing hiphop, electronica and the latest grooves from around the continent. The Zurich based Motherland club collective has curated contemporary urban African music to various audiences in the past decade. It has pioneered World Music 2.0, outernational and tropicial live acts and DJs as part of the ‘Motherland calling from’ and ‘Democratic Republic of Tamtam’ club nights. Get ready for smart partying!